Zoom Meet-Up with Activision Game Company

April 8, 2021

Zoom Meet-Up with Activision Game Company

Adrian Ledda

On Tuesday, April 13th from 5-6pm (EST), Adrian Ledda, Senior Game Designer with Activision will lead a discussion over Zoom on the topic of Accessibility in Gaming. This meeting will be open to OSU/ACCAD students only. OSU Design Assistant Professors, Kyoung Swearingen and Scott Swearingen will be a part of this meeting, as well as Jennifer Velazquez from Activision.

Activision strives to make games great. That includes making sure that our games and products are easy to use and enjoyable for all of our players—including those with disabilities. What is Accessibility? Who does Accessibility benefit? What is Activision doing right now in regards to Accessibility? What can we do moving forward? At this talk, we will address these topics and more with cross-disciplinary perspectives and discussions.

About the speaker
Adrian Ledda is a Senior Designer at Activision. Born in Chicago from two immigrants from the Philippines, and after studying Computer Science and Animate Arts at Northwestern University, he joined Activision in 2009. He has since worked as a Programmer on the Guitar Hero series, a Character Designer on the Skylanders series, a Level Designer on Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash Bandicoot 4, and co-chairs the company's LGBT+ and Allies employee network. His work and interests involve creating initiatives and sharing perspectives to include respectful, diverse, and accessible experiences in games.

About Activision
Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Activision operates at the intersection of technology, entertainment, esports, and consumer products. Activision is more than just the leading developer and publisher of video games, we are the creators of some of the world’s biggest, most ground-breaking titles in the industry. Our portfolio includes Call of Duty®, Crash Bandicoot™, Spyro®, and Sekiro™.

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