Motion Lab

The Motion Lab is a rapidly reconfigurable interdisciplinary space for motion research and advanced technology performance investigation. The multi-use facility houses an optical tracking system for large volume motion capture as well as intelligent stage capabilities including flexible media control and a full suite of theatrical audio, sound, lighting, and media interaction and projection resources.


The SIM Lab research space enables design, prototyping, hardware and software development for non-traditional forms of user interaction and graphics display. The reconfigurable and open floor area is designed for the staging of installations using full-body gesture tracking and large-scale immersive projection systems.

Sonic Arts Lab

The Sonic Arts Lab is a small space designed for acoustic isolation and control, enabling advanced audio and video post-production for students and ACCAD research projects. The space is outfitted with a single advanced workstation with multiple displays, surround sound audio monitoring, wall-mounted HD projection monitoring, and seating area for team or client review of work.

Video Lab

The Video Lab is equipped to support production needs for high bandwidth and broadcast quality video and visual effects research projects with 4 dual monitor workstations and a specialized network for fast data transfer.