An exploration of self-discovery through mindfulness.

Still Image from Awake 2
Still Image from Awake
Still Image from Awake 3

Film Synopsis

In the beginning, a girl's meditation efforts are continually derailed by distractions. By exploring her inner world, she begins to see her obstacles in a new light.

Project Description

"Awake" was producted using two-dimensional, digital animation techniques. After storyboarding, animation was done frame-by-frame in Flash, using a Wacom tablet. Once the rough animation was done, shots were rendered out and brought into Photoshop. I cleaned up each shot using specific textured brushtrokes in order to convey a more hand-drawn, painterly feel. I colored shots with different brushes in Photoshop, and my sister assisted me with coloring and backgrounds. T. W. Cory composed the soundtrack and SFX for "Awake." Preliminary animation of several shots was done in 3D space in Maya, for choreography reference. Finished shots were composited with backgrounds in Aftereffects, and then brought into Premiere for final editing.

running time: 4 Min 05 Sec | NTSC widescreen (16:9) | animated | color
film by Karen Ross | music by T. W. Cory

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