The Bakery Shop

The Bakery Shop


The Bakery Shop is an educational game to immerse 2nd graders into concepts of economics through a visually engaging and entertaining game context.

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Marcelita Haskins, WOSU Public Media
Abbejean Kehler, The Ohio Council on Economic Education
Maria Palazzi, ACCAD

Project Lead:
Peter Gertsmann, ACCAD

Animation and Visual Design:
Tyler Ayres, Department of Design   

Warren Francis, Computer Science
Morgan Goose, Computer Science
Peter Gerstmann, ACCAD  

Concept Art:
Iuri Lioi, Department of Design

The Bakery Shop is an educational game collaboratively developed by WOSU Public Media, the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) and the Ohio Council on Economic Education. Targeted to second graders, the game is designed to immerse the user in concepts of economics in a visually engaging way using an entertaining game context.

Streams of hungry customers arrive at a bakery with a specific craving. Ingredients, cooks, and ovens must be carefully managed to produce the right food at the right time to keep customers happy. The goods produced by the bakery share similar ingredients, so choice is important and is always a trade-off between recipes.

The goal is to enable students to explain how resources can be used in various ways, identify goods and services, and recognize money as the generally accepted medium of exchange for goods and services.

Funding for this project was provided by eTech Ohio.

Project Website - Play the game!

Released in January 2009


Bake Shop Instruction 1
Bake Shop Instruction 2


In Game Screenshot
In Game Screenshot 2

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