Bills to Laws: CD-ROM

Bills to Laws: CD-ROM



CD-ROM addressing the curricular areas of Civics, Government, and Social Studies designed for use in grades 8-12.

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PI: Wayne Carlson, Department of Design

Project Description

The curricular areas for this project were Civics, Government, and Social Studies. It was designed for use in grades 8-12. The content of the project was in keeping with the Ohio Citizenship Proficiency Outcomes guidelines, the Ohio Social Studies Model Curriculum, and the National Standards for Civics and Government for grade 9.

The initial unit theme addressed in the project was the process of legislation in the State of Ohio. A simulation was done to trace the process of a bill as it travels through the legislative process on its way to becoming law. Emphasis was on the roles of the legislature, public interest groups, special interest groups, voters, political parties, and the media – all of whom can affect the progress of the bill. The final product was a CD-ROM which provided an opportunity for the student to interact with this process. The participant is allowed to visualize the process of a bill as it travels through the legislative process. At each of the stages of the process, an age-appropriate case study (Senate Bill 19 - Disposal of Low-level Radioactive Waste) representing an actual bill that has traveled through the Ohio General Assembly is available for comparison with the process. The CD served as both an educational and entertaining teaching tool.

Follow-on activities assessed the value of this kind of technological teaching tool. Student/teacher acceptance, the educational process, related disciplinary impact, and moral/ethical ramifications of the approach were measured and evaluated.

Sponsored by The American New Media Educational Foundation and The Ohio Lobbying Association

Completed on February 1, 1998

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