The Boy Who Draws Cats

The Boy Who Draws Cats



The Boy Who Draws Cats is a Japanese folk story about a boy who is skilled at drawing cats is hunted by a giant goblin mouse in an empty temple.

Project Team

Graduate Researcher – MFA Thesis Projec
Shumeng Zhao - Completed in 2016

Faculty Advisors
Maria Palazzi, advisor
Mary Anne Beecher, committee member
Susan Melsop, committee member

Project Description

The film The Boy Who Draws Cats is a Japanese folk story that intent to communicate Eastern characteristics in a culturally accessible way that makes it easy for Western viewers to understand and accept the alternative values that are commonly presented in an Eastern ghost story.

Still from The Boy Who Draws Cats of the boy walking in a forest


A wide angle shot of the temple interior with the boy sitting on the floor

Festival Screenings

ACCAD Annual Open house, April 15th, 2016
The Department of Design Spring Exhibition at OSU, March 29th - April 7th, 2016

Director's Bio

Shumeng Zhao is a digital artist and animator. She has received her MFA degree in Digital Animation and Interactive Media at the Ohio State University and received a BE in Industrial Design from Beijing University of Technology. Shumeng works predominantly in computer graphics but also includes traditional media such as drawing and painting in her work. Her research mostly focus on experimenting ways of communicating Eastern culture to Western audiences.

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