Columbus Bicentennial Digital Exhibits

Columbus Bicentennial Digital Exhibits


During autumn quarter 2011 students, faculty and staff from several academic discpilines collaborated to develop a prototype "responsive environment" installation for the Columbus Historical Society.

Project Team

Jeff Haase, Department of Design
Matt Lewis, ACCAD
David Staley, Department of History

Students: Kelly Eager (History), J Eisenmann (CSE), Jonathan Ishida (Design), Whitney Dirks-Schuster (History), Rebecca Dolan (OSC), Maiana Duellman (Design), Kat Keller (Design), Kellen Maicher (Design), Amanda Morton (History), Wuyang Pei (Design), Priiya Ramnath (Design), Abby Schreiber (History), Lee Williams (Art), Ry Wharton (Art)

Cosi Wall Example
Cosi Wall Projection
Group of students at COSI

Project Description

Exhibits were developed to be installed at COSI as part of a graduate-level course at the Ohio State University entitled Designing Responsive Historical Environments, and featured work prototyped by an interdisciplinary team of graduate students from Design, History, Art, and Computer Science Engineering. 

From the projects prototyped during the course, a large animation integrating a timeline, metaphorical windows, and images from Columbus is projected onto a long angled wall. Three quiz games were also installed which ask questions about Columbus History. Participants choose their answers by stepping on different regions of the floor under depth camera sensors hidden in the ceiling.

The exhibits are permanently installed in the Columbus Historical Society's new space just inside the entrance to COSI, which is visited by a half a million visitors a year.

Completed in 2011.