Dark Full Ride

Dark Full Ride



Dark Full Ride was performed by members of the OSU Percussion Ensemble at the Capitol Theater in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the Drums Downtown performance on February 18 & 19, 2011.

Project Team

ACCAD Faculty
Prof. Alan Price (Department of Design | ACCAD)
visual concept development and animation

Music Faculty
Susan Powell (School of Music; Percussion)
Joe Krygier (School of Music, Percussion)

Performed by
Kelly Grill (Music, MM Percussion)
Andy Hartman (Music, BM Percussion)
Brian Rhodus (Music, BM Percussion)
Tim Shuster (Music, BM Percussion)

Project Description

Dark Full Ride is a composition for four drum sets by Julia Wolfe. Part one of the composition makes use of only high hats and cymbals. Professor Price created a responsive animation driven by the audio feeds from four microphones, one for each player.

With metal as a theme, paper clips, thumb tacks, staples, scissors, knifes, forks, keys, and finally the cymbals themselves are launched into the air as the drummers strike their instruments, the variations being driven by the amplitude and velocity of the playing, and as the composition progresses over time.

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