Digital Pottery

Digital Pottery


Digital Pottery was an interactive kiosk originally produced for the popular international traveling exhibition, Liquid Visions, 1993.

Hanning Chen, Graphic Design,
Department of Design
Wayne Huang, Programmer, Department
of Electrical Engineering

Peter Carswell, ACCAD
Traci Temple, Department of Design

ACCAD redeveloped the Digital Pottery interactive kiosk for the Center of Science and Industry, Columbus, OH.

The original Digital Pottery program was originally produced by ACCAD for the popular international traveling exhibition, Liquid Visions, 1993 and was written in C using UNIX and the graphical interface Motif platforms. The 2001 project code was rewritten in C++ to run on Windows 2000 platforms. This transition resulted in greater portabilities for the kiosk, ease of use and maintenance, and cost savings.

Project features:
- A new interactive user interface
- Sophisticated texture mapping on the models
- Increased sizes of contour control points
- Increased resolution of the interactive models
- Improved the lighting quality and control of the models

The Digital Pottery kiosk exhibit was placed on exhibition in January 2002. A holiday version of the software, Design an Ornament, was completed in November 2001 for the COSI Christmas exhibition. This version included 3 holiday ornaments, and holiday textures for user creativity.

The process of developing an inviting animated interface with high-resolution models for user manipulation served as a model for derivative projects and usability research for a variety of academic and professional kiosk proposals.

Completed in 2002.


Digital Torus Shape
Digitally Manipulated Torus Shape


Digitally Manipulated Football Shape
Digitally Manipulated Trumpet Shape

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