Drums Downtown IV

Drums Downtown IV



This project for Drums Downtown used MEL scripts and procedural animation techniques. The final animation was projected behind the performers on stage.


Matthew Bain, Department of Design

Susan Powell, Faculty
Joe Krygier, Faculty

Project Description

Drums Downtown IV was a very unique opportunity to construct a 3D computer-generated animation for a live musical performance entitled carpe diem by the Pendulum Duo. This percussion piece "was written in 1996 to further expand on the repertoire for two percussionists in a soloistic setting." (Powell, program notes) The animation was dynamically built using MEL scripts and procedural animation techniques and then rendered out to a movie and projected behind the performers on stage. The performers used a click track to synchronize their performance to the animation. This project illustrates Matthew Bain's thesis research in real-time visualizations based on theoretical structures and patterns in music.

Completed in February 2007

Drums Thumbnail
Drums Visualization
Drums Thumbnail

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