Second in a series of mediated performances and installations focusing on contemporary human relationship with natural environments, echo::system explores the desert habitat. This Arizona State University based project held a residency at ACCAD's Motion

video from the final installation/performance at Yerba Buena Performing Arts Center

Project Team

Collaborators and Artists
Grisha Coleman, Assistant Professor, AME/ASU: primary investigation and choreography
Daragh Byrne, Research Scientist, CMU: systems design
Michael Bergmann: video and projection design
Chris Kuhl: lighting
Navid Navab, Anthony Obr: interactive sound design
Sherwood Chen: performance
Elisa Radcliff: performance
Henry Montes: performance
Shayla-Vie Jenkins: performance
Dai Jian : performance

ACCAD Collaborators and Staff
Vita Berezina-Blackburn: animation and motion capture
Oded Huberman: technical direction
Thomas Heban, GRA, Department of Design

Project Description

The project was initially conceived and developed at Arizona State University's School of Arts, Media+Engineering and funded by NEA. In its current stage the project seeks to develop its second actionstation: a synthetic environment that houses  interactive video installation and performance focusing on the theme of human activity and life in a desert environment.The Motion Lab facilitated research and development of the performance aspect for the ECHO::system project during its residency at Ohio State from May 27- June 13 2014.

Utilizing ACCAD’s motion capture system, IR cameras as well as the lab’s lighting and sound systems, the group focused on the development of choreography, video and animation projections, went through several iterations of projection surfaces design and largely expanded the interactive sound system setup. The residency included a work in progress performance for general audience and a project demonstration for a group of  middle school students participating in ACCAD's Digital Animation: A Technology Mentoring Program for Young Women. 

For More Information:
echo::system project link

Completed in 2014.