Eitetsu Hayashi

Eitetsu Hayashi



Japanese Taiko drummer Eitetsu Hayashi and the Fuun-no-Kai perform in the motion capture lab. Taiko means 'big drum'.

Headline Pic Eitetsu Hayashi


ACCAD Students:
Eric Camper
Shawn Hove
Josh Huber
Fran Kalal

OSU Faculty/Staff:
Richard Harned, Art
Brian Windsor, ACCAD

Eitetsu Hayashi
Tomonori Hasegawa
Shuichiro Ueda

Project Description

Japanese Taiko drummer Eitetsu Hayashi and his professional ensemble Fuun-no-Kai were part of several communities based residencies in Cleveland and Dublin OH.

ACCAD was invited to motion capture Eitetsu Hayashi and Fuun-no-Kai. The opportunity added to ACCAD's "Cultural Database" motion capture data collection. ACCAD also re-purposed the data into animations which were later projected and accompanied by sounds of the Taiko ensemble drumbeats. This performance was part of the Dublin Ohio Arts Festival on April 30th, 2005.

Eitetsu Hayashi Drum
Eitetsu Hayashi Drum Layout
Eitetsu Hayashi Layout

Completed in 2005.

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