Goldilocks - Redirected

Goldilocks - Redirected


Creative Direction:
Beth Albright - Creator
Kerry Cobuccio - Music

Maria Palazzi - Design (ACCAD)
Alan Price - Design (ACCAD)
Susan Melsop - Design

Project Description

Inspired by silhouette animation, puppet shows, and tactile textures, this short animated film tells a familiar tale in a whole new way. The story, based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is explored as a puppet show staged in a compressed and non-literal filmspace. Two- and three-dimensional computer animation techniques accumulate as layers of lush texture that construct a balance between graphic simplicity and patterned complexity.

"Two- and three-dimensional computer animation techniques were combined to produce Goldilocks, Redirected. The characters and props were modeled and animated using Maya 3D animation software. Since the characters were designed to look and move like jointed wooden puppets, a customized animation rig was built to control them. This layered rig combined inputs from two joint chains, one driven by forward kinematics and one driven by hair dynamics. The way these two joint chains were blended together allowed the animator to control precisely the amount of dynamic action in the rig. The result is a character with a naturalistic feeling of weight in its limbs, which occasionally appears to be controlled by an outside force, like a puppet. The layered environments were painted in Adobe Photoshop, making liberal use of pattern and texture resources. The rendered character and prop animation and the environment layers were composited in Adobe AfterEffects, where additional 2D animation and effects were added." - Beth Albright

Completed in 2008.

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