The Hiatus System

The Hiatus System



A biofeedback-based virtual reality stress reduction application

Graduate Researcher – MFA Thesis Project

Kevin Bruggeman

Project Description

The Hiatus System is a biofeedback-based virtual reality stress reduction application that utilizes mindfulness-based stress reduction. This mobile VR application uses an interactive teaching model to help individuals learn the process of mindfulness through guided breath awareness meditation. The user is immersed in a rendition of a Japanese Zen Temple that is designed to attain and maintain the user’s attention towards the meditation, in order to reduce mental fatigue.

image from The Hiatus System
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This project was done as a collaborative project between Kevin Bruggeman and Skylar Wurster.

The Hiatus System was presented at SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver, and is involved in a pilot study between Dr. Marcia Bockbrader, Dr. Ruchika Prakash, and Susan Melsop at The Ohio State University.

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