International Course Collaboration

International Course Collaboration



During autumn 2015, ACCAD Visiting Scholar and alumnus, Professor Wooksang Chang, broke new ground by teaching an International course collaboration – involving both local Ohio State University graduate students and his animation students from Chung Ang University, Unit/GSAIM Animation Lab in S. Korea. Using Skype technology, Chang directed his students in Korea to create parts of the animation, while also directing the students locally at ACCAD.

Project Team

Project Team Members:
Prof. Wooksang Chang, ACCAD Visiting Professor/CAU Animation lab
Vita Berezina-Blackburn, ACCAD/Animation Specialist
Prof. Youngho Chae CAU/VR Environment lab

Graduate Students:
Sarah Lawler, ACCAD/Theater
Shumeng Zhao, ACCAD/Design
Lakshika Udakandage, ACCAD/Design
Zach Winegardner, ACCAD/Design
Kien Hoang, ACCAD/Design
Young-gwon Lee, CAU/3D Animation lab
Gwan-yong Gwon, CAU/3D Animation lab
Woong Heo, CAU/3D Animation lab
Young-Woo Pak, CAU/3D Animation lab
Hyejin Maeng, CAU/3D Animation lab
Min-ji Kim, CAU/3D Animation lab
Eunjung Seo, CAU/3D Animation lab
Moon-Hyong Lee, CAU/3D Animation lab
Sang-hoon Lee, CAU/3D Animation lab
Doyeun Tack, CAU/3D Animation lab
Jong-hoon Lee, CAU/3D Animation lab

Digital and Physical Interactions

Project Description

The project outcome will be a new 3D computer virtual reality (VR) animation named, Strong Man. The animation will be a 4 minute, VR, stereo production.

Students learned and shared technology solutions involving:
• Real-time motion capture
• 3D techniques using Virtual Reality HMD
• Story development
• Directing Virtual Reality
• Film methodology with effective use of sound
• VFX effects
• Lighting
• Creating artistic environments.

Strong Man will be available in three different versions: a) stereo rendered VR, b) real-time VR, and c) classical short film, It is expected to premiere in public theatres (& HMD) by mid-2016.

Completed in 2016.

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