lvl7_61 is part of a thesis project. It implements ase's through q3map2 and places geometry appropriately. Thesis title, "The Dawning of Virtual Environments: Discovery of Identity Through Interaction".

Digital Environment

Scott Swearingen, MFA, Art & Technology
Thesis: The Dawning of Virtual Environments: Discovery of Identity Through Interaction

Lvl7_61, part of this graduate thesis project, predominantly served a tech study utilizing a q3map2 and exporting geometry directly out of Alias Maya and into the Quake 3 Arena editor for compiling. In addition, an obvious implementation of particle generation is visible.

Size: 10.5 mb
URL: [Coming Soon]
Requirements: runs on vanilla Quake3Arena
BOT file (aas): no
Custom Sounds: no
Custom Textures: all self-made
Custom Music: no
To Play: drop in your /baseq3 -will show in the skirmish menu.
Machine: AMD 1GHz/GeForce2
Compile Time: about 10 minutes with q3map2 (-light -fast -filter -super2)
Editor: GTK1.2.11
Other Applications: Photoshop, Maya, DeepPaint, Terragen, Particle Studio, q3map2build
Known Bugs: none
Build Time: 3 weeks

Completed on Jan 30, 2003


Digital Environment
Digital Environment
Digital Environment

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