Midnight Bells

Midnight Bells



This film was completed as a collaboration with Design and CSE students. The story is about a set of magical hand bells that come alive in the moonlight


Alan Delong, CSE
Chris Hirgelt, CSE
Ross Miller, CSE
Mary Twohig, Design
Ben Trube, CSE

Maria Palazzi, Design
Rick Parent, CSE

Project Description

The Midnight Bells is an animated, short film about a set of magical hand bells that come alive in the moonlight. The ringing of the bells was generated by data of a MIDI music file which was first interpreted by looking at sheet music. Next the data was fed into Maya to make the bells ring when notes are played in the song. The notes emerging from each bell also correspond to the actual notes of the song. The animation is a combination of music, programming, design and movement.

This film was completed in the Animation Production course at ACCAD. Students from the design department collaborated with computer science & engineering students to create procedural elements in the animation.



3D Preliminary Layout

Completed in 2008.

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