Shelved Souls

Shelved Souls


This animated short takes place in a large walk-in closet filled with conservative work clothes and shoes. Among the items are two pairs of old fancy dance shoes, one for a man and one for a woman. When no one is around, these pairs of shoes relive the dances that they used to perform when the couple was younger and full of life. Although these shoes remain in the closet, they go unused and are a reminder of what the couple once used to love and a memory of the dances they used to share.

Project Team

Jane Drozd, Design
Michael Shah, CSE
Kevin Stock, CSE
Becca Vallera, CSE
Steve Wenzke, CSE

Maria Palazzi, Design
Rick Parent, CSE 

This film was completed in the Animation Production course at ACCAD. Students from the design department collaborated with computer science & engineering students to create procedural elements in the animation.    

Completed in 2010.