Toward a Digital Humanities Support Network

Toward a Digital Humanities Support Network

Project Team

Project Co-PIs:
Maria Palazzi, Director–ACCAD | Professor–Design
David Staley, Director–Humanities Institute | Professor–History
Leigh Bonds, Assistant Professor, Digital Humanities Librarian–University Libraries
Matt Lewis, Assistant Professor–Design/ACCAD | TDAI Core Faculty

UX/UI Designer:
Taylor Olsen

Graduate Research Assistants:
Gabriela Miniello, UI Designer, Department of Design
Li Zhao, Subject Researcher, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Faculty Researchers:
Marjorie Chan, Associate Professor East Asian Languages & Literature
Philip Gleissner, Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
Harry Eli Kashdan, University of Pennsylvania, Wolf Humanities Center, Post-Doc
Pat Sieber, Associate Professor East Asian Languages & Literature

Project Description

The Ohio State University’s faculty and graduate students have been applying digital humanities (DH) approaches to research for decades. This expansion of DH practice has reached a point that necessitates establishing cohesive, sustainable cross-disciplinary support and resources. Since conducting an environmental scan in 2016-17, Digital Humanities Librarian Leigh Bonds has advocated for the adoption of a “network model”—“a linked network of units, groups, and practitioners who contribute expertise to the overall pool” (Educause Center for Analysis and Research, “Building Capacity for Digital Humanities: A Framework for Institutional Planning,” 2017). This project undertakes the construct of this network and the implementation of a web publishing platform for digital collections, drawing upon established expertise in a variety of units—ACCAD, Libraries, Humanities Institute, to support both funded and unfunded faculty and graduate student research through collaboration, consultation, instruction, and referrals within the network. 

Examples of Work in Progress:

Site mapping, notes and feedback on collaborative virtual white board


Example digital mockup for 'The Covid Food Archive'


Example work in progress for The Chinese Theater Collaborative website

Partial funding for this project was provided by:
Centers and Institutes Grants | Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Themes, College of Arts and Sciences, The Ohio State University