Vision Lab Perception Model

Vision Lab Perception Model



Supported by The Ohio State University Psychology Department Vision Lab in conjunction with The Department of Dentistry; Alvin G. Wee, B.D.S., M.S. Assistant Professor (Maxillofacial Prosthodontist)

Virtual Face Assets

Student Ian Butterfield, Department of Art

Project Director Dr. Delwin Lindsey

Ian Butterfield modeled a human head for use with psychology vision lab tests. The head looked as realistic as possible within the time constraints set by the project. Since the tests were centered around dentistry, the head had to have a complete set of teeth, gums, and tongue. The whole head, neck, shoulders were constructed since angles of rendered images were undecided. The final outcome was a group of rendered images.

The model head was used for studying human perception. The tests were for dentistry and the perception of tooth color.

Completed in 2002.

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