Zeev's Journey

Zeev's Journey



"Zeev's Journey" centers around a young No'am who is motivated to find meaning in suffering when his most beloved possession, his car, is wrecked in an accident. Zeev struggles to understand how one can maintain a consistent view of the world when bad things happen. His journey takes him to wise sages who help him see that one's attitude and perspective are the key to being happy with what one has. The story is inspired by a Jewish folk tale.


Mike Altman, Design- compositing
Tyler Ayer, Design- textures and shaders
HJ Chae, Dance and Technology- textures
and shaders
Todd Delman, Design- director, script, modeling, animation, rigging, compositing and sound
Eric Farrar, Design - animation
EunKyoung Lee, Art and Technology- lighting
Min Lee, Art and Technology- lighting
Jenny Macy, Design- textures and shaders
Jeff Ostergaard, Design- lighting


Two characters at table
Photo from book on Zeev's table


This animation was part of an attempt to interest American Jewish children in Jewish history and Jewish tradition. The strategy was to bring up-to-date technology to this field of education.

The characters in "Zeev's Journey" were designed partly based on feedback from a focus group of fourth grade girls and boys from a Jewish Day School. These children were consulted in an effort to develop a list of necessary qualities for appealing characters.

Completed in 2004.

Zeev and elder
Zeev and elder

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