Digital & Physical Lighting Installation

Students from the Digital + Physical Lighting and Interactive Performance & Installation Technologies class worked on two installations that combined physical lighting with interactive projected video.

Installations; Interdisciplinary Collaborations; Intermedia Performances

Series of Digital and Physical Lighting Images

Dave Atkinson, Theatre
Sonia Baidya, Theatre
Russ Blain, Theatre
Shana Burns, Design
Amanda Hart, Theatre
Kyoung Lee, Art and Technology
Min Lee, Art and Technology
Jeff Ostergaard, Design
Esther Palmer, Dance
Anjeanette Stokes, Theatre
Brent Zorich, Design

Maria Palazzi, Director of ACCAD
Mary Tarantino, Theatre 

Jitter Instructor:
Matthew Lewis, ACCAD

Jitter Programming:
Carrie Wilson, Design
Fran Kalal, Design

Project Summary:
In the Spring of 2004, students from Maria Palazzi and Mary Tarantino's Digital + Physical Lighting class worked with students from the Interactive Performance and Installation Technologies class taught by Matthew Lewis on two installations which combined physical lighting with interactive projected video. The first group projected four channels of video footage and manipulated text onto the surface of a parachute and the sand covered floor. A remote operator controlled video transitions while monitoring the environment with a hidden camera. A second group used mirrors to fragment a projected image onto several projection surfaces, displaying live video of the installation environment, overlayed with text and sound and controlled by tracking participants' positions in the space.

Completed in 2004.

Physical Lighting ExampleJoy Physical LightLight Panels and Reflections

Master Lighting LayoutHardware Layout

Physical Lighting ExampleGobo Light and CurtainGobo Light and Curtain 2