Drums Downtown IV

This project for Drums Downtown used MEL scripts and procedural animation techniques. The final animation was projected behind the performers on stage.

Installations; Interdisciplinary collaborations; Intermedia Performances

Matthew Bain, Department of Design

Susan Powell, Faculty
Joe Krygier, Faculty

Drums Downtown IV was a very unique opportunity to construct a 3D computer generated animation for a live musical performance entitled carpe diem by the Pendulum Duo. This percussion piece "was written in 1996 to further expand on the repertoire for two percussionists in a soloistic setting." (Powell, program notes) The animation was dynamically built using MEL scripts and procedural animation techniques and then rendered out to a movie and projected behind the performers on stage. The performers used a click track to synchronize their performance to the animation. This project illustrates Matthew Bain's thesis research in real-time visualizations based on theoretical structures and patterns in music.

For more information and full length videos visit Matt Bain's website.

Completed in February 2007

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