Wall Mounted Level

Gaming; Installations; Interactive Media

Project Team

Kyoung Lee Swearingen, Design/MIP
Scott Swearingen, Design

Project Description

‘Wall-Mounted Level’ is a collaborative, multiplayer game that is projected onto a hand drawn cityscape that was laser-cut and assembled into a relief sculpture. Using projection-mapping and other compositing techniques, players move their characters into, out of, and across the fractured environment that doubles as a metaphor for their internal landscapes.


Our motivation for creating ‘Wall-Mounted Level’ was to embrace tangible surfaces as mediums for games to exist in, and for the interactions between players to occur in person. The verbal communication and physical touch that takes place between the players is especially important to us in terms of human-facing interactions as it extends the games narrative of ‘reconciliation’.

WML has been featured in festivals and conferences throughout the world, including SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver Canada, IEEE GEM in Galway Ireland, and the Montreal Independent Game Festival where it was awarded both the Innovation Award and the Social Impact Award.

For more information on WML see: http://wizaga.com/wml.html