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With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives, by ZHU, Kio

November 10, 2022

With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives, by ZHU, Kio

Kio Zhu exhibition announcement

ZHU Kio, post MFA scholar with the OSU Design Department / ACCAD announced his participation in With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives. This new exhibition opened at Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Florida A&M University on 11/9/22. A video representation of Kio's on-going project, Hundred Stories, is included in the exhibition.

Hundred Stories is an active archive / cemetery service for deleted or censored virtual avatars based on encryption and decentralization technology. The project is open for public submission and currently has 92 documented records.

On submission of an obituary, a permanent record would be created in the very corner of the internet. At the same time, a one-of-a-kind virtual relic will be generated from the submission.

This is a statement against Big Tech's power and ownership of our virtual selves. Instead of buried in their inaccessible servers, a trace of existence shall be preserved through this project.

“With Roots Deep, Foliage Thrives –    茂” A Vision of Chinese Artists in American Academia 2022 Art and Design Exhibition. This exhibition will celebrate creative works by artists of Chinese descent that speak to the continuous exchange between East and West. We seek to generate cross-cultural comparative insights for a new understanding of Chinese art as an international force taking many forms. This exhibition expands beyond national boundaries to consider how works of art and artists have interacted across China and their experiences in the United States.

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