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Silent Sky | OSU Theatre & Alex Oliszewski (Theatre/ACCAD)

February 23, 2024

Silent Sky | OSU Theatre & Alex Oliszewski (Theatre/ACCAD)

Silent Sky title and cover image featuring a planet in space, overlaid with an image of the Fibonacci sequence

Starting on February 28th, the Ohio State Theatre will proudly present "Silent Sky," a live, theatrical performance by award-winning playwright Lauren Gunderson, directed by Tom Dugdale, featuring visual and interactive elements designed by Alex Oliszewski (Theatre / ACCAD). The following is a synopsis of the show from the OSU Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts website:

Henrietta Leavitt wants to study the stars, but when she begins working at the Harvard Observatory in the 1900s, she isn’t allowed to touch a telescope, much less engage in academic discourse. A celebrated astronomer hires her as a “computer”, to do the math required to chart the stars photographed on glass plates. Attempting to balance family, romance, and her obsession with the stars, Henrietta tries to figure out how to measure the light and distance of star in her spare time, only to have her discovery dismissed by the men working at Harvard. This touching drama, based on a true story, explores a woman’s place in society and science, scientific and social progress, and the mathematical discovery that would change astronomy forever.

The show will be performed through March 8, 2024. You may purchase tickets in person at the Ohio State Theatre Ticket Office, by phone at 614-292-2295, or online through Ticketmaster. To view the show location, dates, and times, please follow this link to visit the show's web page.


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