Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana



An interdisciplinary live performance collaboration between ACCAD | Theatre and the OSU School of Music included a uniquely devised visual dimension which Carl Orff (creator of the musical score) indicated.

Project Team

Anna Gawboy, School of Music, Theory
Alex Oliszewski, Theatre, Media Devising and ACCAD

School of Music
Choral Studies Department ensembles, including 40 OSU guest faculty/staff participants
School of Music Orchestra
Guest Conductor, Richard Bjella

Carmina Burana at Weigel Hall


Project Description

A newly devised production of the Carl Orff masterpiece, Carmina Burana was performed twice at Ohio State University's Weigel Hall on February 21, 2018. Two faculty collaborators, Anna Gawboy, associate professor of Music Theory and Alex Oliszewski, assistant professor of Theatrical Media Design and Media Devising (Theatre | ACCAD) created an exceptional visual concert experience. While the OSU School of Music chorus and orchestra performed the masterpiece, computer generated imagery created in-house and inspired by the score interacted with the chorus and orchestra in real-time. Alex Oliszewski developed the visual instrument and designed the image content. Anna Gawboy scored the visual imagery and performed the instrument live during the concert with assistance from several music theory graduate students. 

View the Arts and Sciences video overview of this cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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