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PathoSonic: Performing Sound In Virtual Reality Feature Space

PathoSonic: Performing Sound In Virtual Reality Feature Space


PathoSonic is a VR experience that enables a participant to visualize and perform a sound file based on timbre feature descriptors displayed in space.

Project Team

Shadrick Addy, Design
Federico Cámara Halac, Music

Project Description

The name comes from the different paths the participant can create through their sonic explorations. The goal of this research is to leverage affordances of virtual reality technology to visualize sound through different levels of performance-based interactivity that immerses the participant’s body in a spatial virtual environment. 

A participant using a VR headset and performing PathoSonic.

Through implementation of a multi-sensory experience, including visual aesthetics, sound, and haptic feedback, we explore inclusive approaches to sound visualization, making it more accessible to a wider audience including those with hearing, and mobility impairments.


PathoSonic–Fourth Iteration–This iteration of the experience is only meant to show sound interaction using only Mouse input. This is not the full Virtual Reality (VR) experience since it does not use the Oculus and its controllers.


Project Presented At:
The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2020

Personal Websites:
Shadrick Addy

Federico Cámara Halac