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Unveiling the “Chinese Theater Collaborative”/華語戲聚 Digital Resource

January 22, 2024

Unveiling the “Chinese Theater Collaborative”/華語戲聚 Digital Resource

The home page of the Chinese Theater Collaborative/華語戲聚 website, which features the CTC logo in front of a series of images that have ties to Chinese theater.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, The Institute for Chinese Studies and the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University, in collaboration with the Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies (Lingnan University), launched the web project "Chinese Theater Collaborative”. Moderated by the project’s founding editor Professor Patricia Sieber and content editor Julia Keblinska, the event introduced this digital resource center.  

The project was funded by a Collaborative Centers Grant from Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme (GAHDT). The funded project, Toward a Digital Humanities Support Network, was initiated and led by Digital Humanities Librarian Leigh Bonds and Maria Palazzi, Professor of Design. Toward a Digital Humanities Support Network explores the construction of a collaborative network and the implementation of a web-publishing platform for digital collections, drawing upon established expertise in ACCAD, University Libraries, and the Humanities Institute, to support both faculty and graduate-student research through collaboration, consultation, instruction, and referrals within the network.  

Maria Palazzi, Taylor Olsen (UX/UI designer), and Department of Design students contributed to bringing the "Chinese Theater Collaborative" online through their design expertise in branding, web, and UI/UX design. 

A page of the new Chinese Theater Collaborative website, called Resources for Plays.


Accessible at https://chinesetheatercollaborative.org/ctc/index, the “Chinese Theater Collaborative” offers resources for plays and an overview of media types in the form of educational modules, among other useful tools for learning about the rich history of traditional Chinese drama and its contemporary interpretations. As the "Chinese Theater Collaborative" opens its virtual doors, ACCAD invites the community, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the wealth of resources and interactive features on the website. 

To learn more about the Collaborative Centers Grant and the first project it facilitated, the Covid Food Archive, please visit https://accad.osu.edu/research-gallery/toward-digital-humanities-support-network

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